Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Xmas closure & Rash Guards

Hi Chaps,

Just to let you know have the Xmas closure hot off the press.

last class will be the 16th December with normal mayhem resuming 6/1/2010.

Some private lessons will be available over the break.

Have a limited stock of the Rashguards winging their way to me and should have for Wednesday, available on a first come first served basis at £30.

Last class of the year will be a student choice, so please email or respond to this post with anything you want covered, either stuff we have already done or just a burning self defence situation you want to know how to deal with.

Till next time

Train Hard..Fight Easy.


Monday, 19 October 2009

Krav on the Buses, Rashguards, Chav down and SENI

Morning all,
A few updates
Training back to normal this week.
We have a date for Krav on the buses at Plumstead Bus Garage as usual ,on the 8th of November 10:30 to 14:30, cost £30 for SUKM members. Please let me know if you want to attend as soon as possible as numbers are limited.

New Rashguards now in, beautifully modelled above, price is £25, so let me know if you would like one.

New DVD should be complete in the next week or so.

Just desserts on this you tube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oefo00eB_1Q just shows how his adrenaline suddenly worked against him!

We’re officially doing the Krav Maga stand at Seni this May, dates are 29 and 30 May and it’ll be at the Excel arena. We got the gig because the organisers have seen our stuff and liked it and we have a good reputation. So put it in the diary and hope to see you all there.
For those of you who dont know SENI- this is their blurb.
Taking place every two years in a fantastic Olympic venue, Seni is the most informative, interactive,educational and inspirational expo on the planet with sixexciting zones to truly offer something for everyone-from MMA to Traditional arts, from Olympic Sports to Health and Fitness and from Self-Defence to musical forms and tricks across a thrill-packed weekend. After taking in seminars, demonstrations, tournaments and open-mat sessions you can catch your breath by visiting the hundreds of trade stands that promote the very latest, cutting-edge innovations and give you the opportunity to pick up fantastic special offers and a range of incredible freebies.
Worlds leading fighting arts exhibition• Classical Warrior Zone Covering all traditional products• Fightsport Zone MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai and Kickboxing products• Powersport Zone Strength & extreme fitness equipment & nutrition • Survival Reality based products and services• Tournament Semi contact & submission companies

Train Hard....Fight Easy


Monday, 28 September 2009

No Classes 7th & 14th October

Greetings All,

Unfortunately we can not use the hall on the above dates due to AGM's and other commitments, so last Krav for a couple of weeks this week, next back 21/10.

Sorry about this, as you know I am looking at some other venues to overcome this issues that we seem to have had lately and to give us access to better facilities.

Will keep you all posted and see you this Wednesday.

Train hard.............Fight Easy


Monday, 31 August 2009

NO class 2/9

Hi Guys

Just took a phone call from the village hall, we cant use 5 Ashes this week as the wonderful British workman have failed to complete their building works on time, so no classes this week I am afraid, but hopefully back to normal next week.

Sorry, but keep training!


Tuesday, 25 August 2009

We Are Back !!

That's it Summer is over, Krav starts again tomorrow and I cant wait.

Trust you have all been keeping your training up so we don't have to start off too gently!

Hope to see you all back again, and have had a lot of new enquires, so if they all turn up we will have about 10 newbies!!

Search continues for additional venue, but should have some news on that shortly, fingers crossed.

Till tomorrow

Train Hard..........Fight Easy


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Summer Holiday Closure

Greetings all,

Just a quick note to confirm holiday dates for your diaries.

Our last class will be on the 29th July.

No Classes 5/8, 12/8 or 19/8.

First class back will be the 26/8.

May look at doing a Summer Krav BBQ on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when I am back round mine, bring food and booze and I'll cook it (and drink it!). Let me know who would be up for that and we can start looking at dates/arranging.

See you all Wednesday

Train Hard......Fight Easy


Tuesday, 14 July 2009


UKM took on the might of KSAR (Kent Search & Rescue) and all they could throw at us on Saturday, thank you to Juan, Charlie & Chris who made up the team.

We had a great time, climbing high, rescuing bodies from underground cave mazes, pulling a screaming pilot out of a burning plane that had hit a car and numerous other exercises.

A few photos attached for those we left behind.

All though we didn't win it, there is always next year when I am sure we will enter a couple of teams.

£400 raised for this worthwhile charity.

Train hard......Fight Easy.....Keep searching!


Krav on the Mountains

Hi guys,
Some pictures of the intrepid mountain climbers, will put some of these up on the web in the next few days.
Next blog will be results and pictures form Team Krav takes on KSAR! see you tomorrow.

Train Hard.....Fight Easy and stay off the mountains.


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The True Spirit of Urban Krav Maga


Tonight's training is dedicated to the guys I have "hijacked" and called Team Krav- Brian, Chris, Lee and Gareth.

Despite appalling weather conditions they all summited Mont Blanc, a two day event has now tuned into 5, having to spend an extra day up the mountain before they could reach the top and then being caught in Blizzards on the return, resulting in them having to build a snow cave and survive a night out out on the mountain.

It resulted in two of the team eventually having to be choppered off suffering with snow blindness, but could of course have ended up far worse.

Their fitness, determination and never give up attitude go them through one of the most extreme tests of survival, that few of us will ever have to endure.

Well done to all and look forward to seeing you back soon.

Meanwhile Team Krav gathers again this Saturday on a slgihtly less dangerous task to undertake a rigorous days testing involving search and rescue and survival techniques (shame it wasn't the weekend before last might have helped on the mountain as Chris is in both teams)

Myself, Charlie Chris & Juan will do our best to uphold the honour of team Krav and win the event.

Hope to see you all tonight

Train Hard......Fight Easy


Thursday, 2 July 2009

mont blanc, search and rescue challenge

Hi Guys

Just a quickie, firstly good luck to the intrepid "Team Krav"!! who are about to go and climb Europe's highest mountain, Mont Blanc on Saturday/Sunday (I dont count Mount Elbrus as its Russia), poor Charlie is being left behind due to her Krav war wound, but Henno & Chris (and Brian ?) will I know forge their way to the top and I look forward to the pictures of you guys up there in the new edition Krav T's- we will make sure we get those out to the press on your return.

re KSAR challenge next weekend, some more info below- we do need a team of 4, cost £50 for the team, all proceeds to KSAR, if interested please email me by Friday, and I will enter us in and provide more info next Wednesday.

Till next time

Train HARD.....Fight Easy and Stay cool


What is it?

The KSAR challenge is an annual event, designed to challenge teams during a mixture of mental and physical tasks. The tasks will be related to the skills required during Search and Rescue, but no previous experience or skill is essential, just the ability to have fun and enjoy the day. It is a charity event with all profits going to support Kent Search and Rescue.

Who can enter?

Mixed teams of 4 people over the age of 18 years.

When and where is it?

The event will take place at a Secret Location in Kent Sat 11th July 2009. The day starts with a compulsory team briefing at 1130hrs. All teams will be told of the Location and their actual start time prior to the event.

What do I need to bring?

Normal running/exercise clothing and footwear will be suitable. Teams will be responsible for carrying their own water and snacks. During the event all specialist equipment will be given to the teams prior to commencing a task. A refreshment stand will be available near the control centre.

What do I get out of it?

Supporting Kent Search and Rescue whilst having a fun and action packed day.
Medals will be awarded to the first three teams, with all competitors receiving a certificate

Friday, 26 June 2009

Another Week, injuries and Kent Search and Rescue

Greetings All

An injury packed week!

Neil bought down by Rigo "The Snake" with possible fractured ribs via the Training Karma of he who injures gets injured and then Steve "I don't like kickboxers" B, taken down with a dislocated Knee adding to his wrist injury- hope you all get better soon guys- hopefully Charlie will be brave enough to come back soon as well.

We had our final class at Eastbourne for the Summer with a good rumble in the jungle and the guys from down there will be joining the 5 Ashes massive this week so could be a hot and sticky one as we should also have a couple more newbies starting- the need to find a bigger hall in this area increases.

If any one wants any kit, let me know- still have some gloves and all the tshirts with me, and groin guards turn up pretty quick so see me after/before class and I can order what you might need at trade prices.

As some of you know I am involved with Kent Search and Rescue and they are looking for teams to enter their "Are you tough enough" challenge in July- I will attach to an email the details but would be cool if we could enter a couple of teams for this worthwhile charity- again let me know at class.

Till next time

Train Hard.....Fight Easy


Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Instructors Urban MMA, BCA Masterclass & the Tee's

Morning All,

Firstly, congratulations to Jamie Douglas, Geff Francis and Peter Bilitsch for getting through the Instructor Training process. Jamie will be doing mostly private lessons in London and is our first Oxbridge graduate instructor; Geff will be opening up a club in the Brighton area; Peter will shortly be moving to Stirlingshire and will be training up there.

BCA Seminar.

Urban Krav Maga have been asked by the internationally renowned British Combat Association (BCA) to provide a masterclass on 13 September 2009. This is the first time any Krav Maga organisation has been asked to give such a seminar in the UK and reflects the respect within the self defence community for Urban Krav Maga.

This will be held on the 13 September at a location to be confirmed, but it will be Oop North.

McG will be doing the gig with Leo, and our Northern guys at Beyond Fighting; I will advise more details when I have them, but the following is an outline of what we intend to do at the seminar- Likely to be very off patch for us, but if anyone is interested I will provide further info idc and perhaps if we have enough we can always take the Battle bus up there depenidng on final location.

Likely schedule:

1.Takedowns, takedown defences, what to do immediately when taken down, escapes from common attacks and pin-downs on the ground and how to finish on the ground when you’re the attacker. Leo Negao will lead this session.

2. Knife threats and knife attacks and basics on handling gun threats. There will be regular breaks to revise the groundwork taught earlier in the day and building in the knife work through the pressure testing mechanism described below.

3. 35 minutes revision/pressure testing. Attendees will work in Groups of 3, the victim in the group will be taken down aggressively, he/she will have 5 seconds to get up before the third party starts to put the boot in (gently!); when they get up they will have to handle a knife attack/threat or deal with a gun in the face – then we rotate the victim.


Looking at a couple of options re the new groundwork DVD with Leo, including the possibility of NAP producing something but under a slightly different basis from last time. Will report back on this soon.

The UKM set has been available from Amazon for a while and has some good feedback. This is shown below.
Let me know if you would like any.

See the buyer reviews on the bottom half of this page: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Urban-Krav-Maga-6-DVD-Box/dp/B001MU45VC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1244633715&sr=8-1

I know steady but.................Will have some of the death head ones tonight, and our new SUKM ones are being printed this weekend so will have(!!) for next week.- Believe it when I see it, but we are sooooo close!

That's it for now, see some of you tonight, rest next week, stay safe and till then

Train Hard.......Fight Easy


Friday, 5 June 2009

This week and beginners

Hi Guys

Interesting weeks training- we got to use mats for the first time on Thursday , which hopefully you guys enjoyed with a few take downs and we managed to break people on Wednesday.

Poor old Charlie received our first real broken bones Krav injury with, a spiral fracture of the metacarpal, as she said we have now found the limit of the bendiness of her body!(something Chris has never managed!)- we will need to look at minting a special medal for her- she is in plaster at the moment so will be out for a month or so, giving Chris a chance to get to her skill level and Neil to work on his apology!!

Charlie I think you should come down though and let us all sign your cast and we could have it mounted as a trophy!

Rigo was another man down , trying to take out MMA Jon, but have not heard how he is doing .

And then Mark and Neil blew a head gasket (well Mark's A Team van did) and did not get home till midnight.

Despite all that we had some excellent new beginners join so welcome aboard guys

Good news is that our Eastbourne guys are going to brave the dangers of five ashes and come down on a Wednesday. If we do start getting in the 20's again at 5 ashes then we will need to look at another venue in the area- a new judo club has started up recently so I am going to see if I can track them down and use their venue as they will have mats etc and there is the possibility of fitness first in Heathfield- if anyone has any other suggestions then please let me know.

We have 12 people confirmed for the beginners session on the 20th so that will now definitely go ahead, if anyone wants to come along who has not confirmed, please let me know asap

Have a good weekend

Train Hard....Fight Easy


Sunday, 31 May 2009

Eastbourne & Beginners Seminar

Morning all,

As regular attendees will have noticed the number of Eastbourne members attending the Thursday classes has fallen over recent months and has been very low for the last month, averaging between 1& 2! with the numbers kept up by the support of the multi site users from 5 Ashes.

With summer upon us, there is always a further reduction in people attending classes, and therefore with regret I do not feel that we can continue with the Eastbourne site.

Thursday the 25th of June will therefore be the last class at Eastbourne.

5 Ashes will of course continue and all our Eastbourne members are welcome and indeed encouraged to have their membership transferred and come along on a Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in Eastbourne and to Tim & Stephi for the work they have put in.

On a more cheerful note (if we have enough numbers!), a beginners seminar will take place on Saturday the 20th June at 5 Ashes 9 till 1 covering.

1. An introduction to Urban Krav Maga
2. Self Defence- Reality versus Fiction- A guide to Self Defence
3. The Top 10 Attacks
4. An introduction to Urban Confidence

As advised previously this will be free to everyone doing their beginners package, £10 for members wishing a refresher and £30 for non members wanting to "have a look".

Can anyone who wants to attend please email or phone me by this Wednesday the 3rd of June please so I can confirm the booking with the hall- for those who have already expressed an interest, please do take a couple of minutes to confirm again.

Thank you

Train Hard...Fight Easy


Friday, 22 May 2009

Upcoming Seminars, DVD and T-Shirts

Morning All,

Good to do a full weeks training and see a few new faces, with Chris not breaking any of them.

Some general Krav news below, and anyone who has not expressed an interest in a 1/2 day beginners course on a Saturday but wants to come along, please let me know as soon as possible as I will be getting the dates and booking this over the next few days.

Forthcoming Seminars

We have weekend seminars coming up. The candidate instructors will be attending these courses; they are open to all and have proved in the past to be a very effective, intense way of covering the syllabus.

Dates:22 –24 May; on the Friday we work from 7pm to 10pm, 8am-6pm on the Saturday and Sunday.
5-7 June, the same timings as above.

Location:London Fight Factory, Hanbury Street, Bethnal Green – Directions are here: http://www.londonfightfactory.com/contact/contact_us.html

Prices for the Non-Instructor Students:For those of you wanting to attend on a seminar basis as a good way of covering the syllabus quickly and to enjoy some intensive training, the costs will be:1 day £110 (including a Friday session for free)2 days £200 (including a Friday session for free).

If you want to do 2 weekends it will be £380; See here for an indication of that which we will be covering over these 2 weekends: (for the 19-22 June dates put aside for a Seminar, we will probably do another session on the bus –please let me know if you’re interested).

http://urbankravmaga.com/instructor-intensive-coursesPlease let me know as soon as you can if you wish to attend one of the Seminars.


We’re currently working with Leo Negao on producing a comprehensive DVD covering self defence on the ground. This will utilise Brazilian Jiu Jutsu and MMA principles for self defence. You can see Leo in action here in his most recent fight:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9OKu3g2sxo

The DVD will also cover knife attacks and threats. We’re producing this ourselves so the price will be competitive. More information to follow. Hopefully we will have ready for next month.


The now legendary SUKM T-shirts (legendary only because they seem to be being spun out of gold the time it has taken to get sorted), may now be available for the end of next week/beginning of the following. £12 each or 2 for £20.

Some of you also saw the new "Deaths Head " one last night so I will be bringing some of these along as well next time. £15 each.

Till Next Time

Train Hard...Fight Easy


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

UKM A beginners Guide and 14/5

Hi All,

Back from the sunny Isle of Wight and itching to get training.

I have had the chance to have some thoughts while away and with the number of newbies that we have, I thought I would run a Saturday morning beginners class covering the following:

1. An introduction to Urban Krav Maga

2. Self Defence- Reality versus Fiction- A guide to Self Defence

3. The Top 10 Attacks

4. An introduction to Urban Confidence

This 1/2 day course (probably 9-13:00) would be free to anyone who is a member of SUKM and still within their beginners package, £10 to existing members and £30 to non members.
All are welcome and if we have a good response then I would like a volunteer from our senior students (who have passed their test) to work with me as assistant instructor for the day (you wont have to pay!).

Anyone interested Please email me if you would be up for this seminar and I will sort out some dates.

This will then give us a chance to concentrate on the next level in our normal classes, though of course we do need to keep coming back to these basics to ensure if becomes second nature

If this proves successful then I could do some more themed seminars over the year.

Secondly I have been luckily enough to be invited to the Army Benevolent Fund event next week with HRH Prince of Wales and the Gurkha's among others so I may not be able to get back in time for classes in Eastbourne on the 14th, rather than do both things badly I will do one well and go out with the Army (& Chas!)- sorry to muck you around, but Thursday bunch please feel free to come along to our 5 ashes class instead on the Wednesday.

See you all later in the week

Train Hard....Fight Easy


Friday, 24 April 2009

Those Crazy Russians, Press Comment, AOB

Hi Guys

Hope everyone is all OK after this weeks training and some hard pressure tests.

Just a couple of bits, at the end of this blog is comment from one of our students who had to use the Gun defence in Russia recently.

SUKM also appeared in the papers last week (With a picture of Charlie!) and for those who didn't see it, a copy can be reviewed on the gallery pages of my site.

Still sitting here waiting for T-Shirts- no wonder we are in a recession when we have appalling service like this.

If anyone has any aspect of self defence they want me to cover please do let me know and I will incorporate it into a training night- so if there is any particular attack you are concerned about or indeed have been subject to and what to know what to do, email me and we will cover it next time.

Finally don't forget NO training next week, next training 6th and 7th of May- ensure you do your homework(!) picture certain attacks happening and work out how to get out of them (trust me, it does work).

UKM Gun Defence works in Russia

"I was being driven away from a business meeting in Novosibirsk (Siberia) and I had my window open as I was smoking and sitting in the front passenger seat. As we pulled up to the traffic lights 2 rough looking guys that were crossing the street ran up to the car, one to the drivers side and the other to my open window, this man pulled a gun. He shoved the pistol right inside and tried to grab me yelling to open the doors (as they were locked and the drivers window was up the other man was banging on it). Straight away I grabbed the attackers right hand (the one holding the gun) with my right hand pushing away and then grabbed the gun with my left hand. I had trained with Paul exactly how to deal with this particular gun (a makharov russian army issue and one of the most common in this part of the world) so I made sure my hand was over the slide and my thumb under the hammer. I executed the disarm by pulling his wrist towards me and tearing the gun from his hand. The driver put his foot down and we were gone leaving the attacker standing in the middle of the road with his gun in my pocket.

All that happened to me was a bleeding thumb and a massive hit of adrenaline.
I started training with Paul specifically for this reason. I spend half my time in Knightsbridge and the other half in places like Novosibirsk
(Siberia) where incidents like this are all too frequent. If I hadn't trained with Paul I don't know what would have happened. For sure I would have lost my company car,wallet phone etc but also maybe I would've been killed.

I have only been training with Paul for 3 months but he makes everything so easy to understand that I already feel confident with a large proportion of the system. Thanks Paul I will be now upping the number of sessions I train with you".

Train Hard.......Fight Easy


Friday, 17 April 2009

Urban Confidence, Man Down and welcome back Steve

Hi Guys,

Really enjoyed this weeks training, thank you, some really good pressure tests and nice techniques.

A couple of updates, The next Urban Confidence event (www.urbanconfidence.co.uk), takes place on the 19th September and we will be taking bookings soon (as soon as Simon updates the website that is), so book early to avoid disappointment.

We had Tim collapse on us yesterday with his old mans back, but hopefully my osteopath will put him back together again before he goes off to New Zealand, otherwise I will just have to take his place (Stephi stop hoping)- it is probably gods revenge for the synchronised warm up that he made you all do (though I have to say it did look rather cool- will have to get him to do that again when he and Stephi are back in 3 weeks)

As T&S are away we might have a struggle getting in on a Thursday so if we do please bear with me/us as required- worse case we can always do it outside(!)

Don't forget training next week but not the week after.

Finally was great to see Steve B back at 5 Ashes this week, have missed him over the last month so welcome back Steve (just need to sort out Jim now).

Train Hard...........Fight Easy


Monday, 6 April 2009

Krav MMA on You Tube

2nd post for today, but check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAj70Q6Wojc

Leo Negao and Stewart McGill doing some training in preparation for the new DVD, Krav MMA: Ground and Knife. This will show how MMA and Urban Krav Maga principles and techniques can be melded and applied to defend yourself on the ground and against the knife. DVD coming out soon

Hey No One Died!

Well that was a funny old week of training, our first call out of an ambulance and we hadn't even got started.

Thank you to everyone who helped with our casualty, you ll be pleased to know he is fine (as far as you can be after that crack to the head) and may be back!

Sorry for that making the lesson a bit odd, but adapt or die!

With the next two weeks being Easter, can you all email me to let me know if you intend to come this week/next so I can get an idea of numbers/experience and do a bit of planning accordingly- would hate to just be there on my Jack Jones.

There will be no classes on the 29th and 30th of April as I will be away on hols, normal service resumes 6th May (another bank holiday week!).

Have chased up the tshirts today so will keep you posted on that

Hope you all had a good one, see you Wednesday/Thursday.

Train Hard..............Fight Easy


Tuesday, 31 March 2009

the logos

Forgot to post these for you guys. See you tomorrow/Thursday

Friday, 27 March 2009

This week

Thanks all for this week, some good sessions.

Thank you also for the feedback on the new tshirt designs, hope to go to print later today and with a fair wind will have some for next week.

Anyone who has not got groin guards and gloves, please think about getting these soon as you can otherwise we cant get everyone sparring and putting some more effort into the defences/attacks. I can get these for you if required, it is about £10 for a groin guard and £20 for the gloves.

Last call for the buses seminar as I need to confirm numbers with McGill later today, so if you have not yet paid/confirmed let me know now please.

Have a great weekend all, keep safe

Train Hard....Fight Easy


Friday, 20 March 2009

Summer Show, Buses and a T-Shirt!

Dear All,

Thank you for a good weeks training and nice to see so many new faces at 5 Ashes this week, without Chris being there we managed to not break anyone which is always a bonus, so hopefully they will be back!

We have been asked to put on a demonstration at the 5 Ashes Summer Show on the 25th of July. Now I have never been to that so it might mean doing something in front of two people and a dog, but I am looking for volunteers, need at least say 5 but the more the merrier and will probably do a "gentle" form of pressure test as then we can show a load of techniques one after another, then bugger off down the pub.

Please let me know asap if up for this as I need to let the organiser know.

Also a reminder buses on the 5th of April. If you want to come along to this please let me know by the end of this week and let me have your money at next weeks classes.

Hopefully finishing off the design for the rear of our new exclusive SUKM T-shirts this week so should have in stock soon.

Till Next time


Train hard..........Fight Easy.....Never Give Up

Friday, 6 March 2009

Urban MMA- Clan Wars 2

Dear All,

Second post today, our colleagues over in Northern Ireland run an MMA competition called Clan Wars, they had a small one in the club the first time but now things are picking up and they are getting a second bigger event on the way ie Clan Wars 2.

They started Clan Wars as they do a lot of MMA style sparring so students had asked if they could get a small MMA fight team together.

In their first event they did very well with 4 wins, 2 loses and 3 draws which was pretty good as most were beginners and first timers.

They are now holding Clan Wars 2 in August and will be holding more towards the end of the year so with the cheap flights from England, they thought they would get out an invite to all other UKM clubs to see if they had students who would like to participate either in August or the next one?

They are not licensed for full Pro rules but have an amateur d class which is normal amateur and amateur c class which is a semi-pro ie head shots standing but no head shots on the ground.

They compete against other MMA and ju jitsu clubs from Ireland and try and match up with similar experience ie beginners against beginners and guys with more experience matched fairly too - they are very strict on this matter.

If any one would like to give this a go get in touch with me and you can see the guys at play at


Train Hard ..........Fight Easy

Krav on the Buses Volume 2 & Urban Confidence Offer

Hi Guys

Good to see you all over the last few days.

Jus to let you know we have a date for another of our popular Self Defence on the Buses 1 day courses working with the Police and hosted by the Founder of UKM Stewart McGill (with a little help from me!)

Date for this is the 5th of April at Plumstead Bus Garage. 10:30am -2:30pm. Price £30 payable in advance and gives you the opportunity to learn how to defend yourself in close quarters. Places are stricly limited (there is only so many we can fit on a bus!) so its first come first served.

If you want to attend please let me know as soon as possible- NB You must be a member of SUKM for this and be insured with the BCA, if not price for the course will be £50 to include membership.

See earlier posts on this site for additional details and comments on the day.
We also have a few tickets still available for the Urban Confidence Seminar- see www.urbanconfidence.co.uk which I will let you have with an early bird discount and give you £10 for any additional people who sign up to the seminar that you introduce.

Till Next Time

Train hard...Fight Easy.


Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Logo

Hi Guys,

A quiet night last night with our lowest turn out ever for various reasons, but hopefully back to normal tonight.

Thought I would give you a sneeky peeky at the proposed new "Front" logo exclusive for our club rather than the general Urban Krav Maga logos, we are working on the "Rear" logo now for tshirts, branding etc

See you all tonight.

Sussex Urban Krav Maga...Fighting Fit.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Urban Confidence

Its arrived! The long awaited premier self defence and confidence building event of the Year!

This unique event has been put together by myself, Stewart Mcgill Chief Instructor and founder of Urban Krav Maga and Simon Jordan , The Confidence King (and student!).
This is the first event of its kind in the world and will be starting in Sussex before being taken national, so this is your chance to be in at the start of this incredible journey with us.
This special 1 day event will show you how to spot the early signs of danger, pre-empt physical attacks and defend yourself from ongoing physical and verbal assault, using techniques designed for today not 200 years ago!

We will teach you the skills required to become more confident in difficult circumstances.

To ensure everyone gets the most from this day, space is strictly limited to 100 guests so book early to avoid disappointment.
see http://www.urbanconfidence.co.uk/ for more details and to book online.

See you all soon

Train Hard.....Fight Easy, with Confidence


Monday, 16 February 2009

Body Weight Exercises

You asked for it, here you go a list of some body weight exercises for you:

Main body parts used.

Squats Hold with Jump
Squats with Kick
Squat with punch
Squat to ReachClock Lunge
Overhead Lunge
Jumping Lunge
Single Leg Squat
Backward Lunge
Walking Lunge
Boot Strapper

All Body
Turkish Get ups
Running Arm Circles
Side Lunge
Jumping Jack
Squat Thrust
Alternating Leg Squat Thrust
Fast Feet
High Knee Run
High Fives
Burpee/Partial Burpee/Bastards
Body Roll to Standing/Press Up Body Role to Standing
Kneel to stand
Star Jumps from crouch
Wood Chop

Press Up
Press Up wide to Narrow
T Press
Press up with Knee Lift
Press up to Shoulder Press
Step Swap Press-Up
Press-Up with arm and leg lift
Slow Diamond Press Up
Open and Close Grip

Two Point Box
½ sit ups
Leg Lift
Single Leg Flop
Double Leg Flop
Russian Twists
Pointer Plank
Seated reverse crunch
Lying Leg Cross
Leg Lift
Punch Up
V Sit/Jack Knife
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Friday, 13 February 2009

Finishing Them Off, Take Notes and Exercises


Typing away here with a nice bruise on the back of my hands from the bear hugs and a few aches so always a good sign of a good few days training.

We have had some really good pressure tests this week as we have taken the intensity up slightly, but please ensure the technique your are using is fully complete, i.e. don't just take the knife etc and stop. Steve B in particular has really got to grips with this and is carrying on to "destroy" his opponent with great follow up attacks delivered with real aggression (and as importantly for us/you control!)- well done Steve.

Don't forget to take notes, I know a lot of you write them up at home which is cool, but always feel free to do so in class, will always give you time to do it.

I have now typed up some body weight exercises and will put that on a separate blog in a moment if I can get to format nicely and not take up all the page.

Finally please do sign up to the blog so you get auto updates- which hopefully those of you who have done so do get, as I will be taking the old auto advice off this weekend.

Train Hard...........Fight Easy.


Sunday, 8 February 2009

London Buses..................Sorted

Well done to everyone today who attended the bus course.
I hope you will agree a great days training and McG was very impressed with the pressure testing and with the girls in particular showing nice levels of aggression.
John the policeman, I am sure bought it home to you just how prevalent knife attacks and threats are in the UK and London in particular, and whilst this may be concentrated in our cities, the knife culture has unfortunately spread even to our leafier corner!
We will keep coming back to knife attacks and threats so you will have plenty of chance to keep up the skills you learnt today.
Thank you for keeping up the reputation of SUKM and see you all Wednesday and Thursday.
Train Hard.....Fight Easy (and don't get the Bus)

Friday, 6 February 2009

Mind Body and Kick Ass Moves

Ok 2nd post for today.

We have the opportunity to have Chris Crudelli come down and do a seminar at our club(s) if you would like to.

You may know Chris’ work as the Star of BBC & Dave, ‘Mind Body & Kick Ass Moves’, ‘Kick Ass Miracles’ & ‘Kick Ass in a Crisis’.- see www.crudelli.com for more info

I appreciate he is a more traditional martial artist than we are, so not really relevant to a lot of what we do, but the seminar includes basic forms and applications, body alignment, co-ordination as used in the issuance of force, mind over matter exercises, Qigong (Ki Skill) for healing and martial arts, basic to advance disarming methods of a stick, knife or gun (which we might disagree with!) so you might like to see how different arts approach the same problems.

Cost would be £40 and we would need at least 20 (may do this as a joint one with our friends at City Krav Maga to get the neccessary numbers).

Let me know if any interest.


Weather & The Buses, Blog Sign up and Urban Confidence

Morning all

Good classes this week as ever, thanks for all your hard work.

For those on the Buses with me Sunday, weather currently look all OK, so this is definitely on. Please get to mine by 08:30 per email- let me know if any issues.

Jim forgot to give you your gloves, remind me Sunday please.

If you haven't signed up to the blog yet, please do so as you will get auto advised of any updates as I will be taking off the current auto advice shortly due to its restrictions. It is straightforward to do- 5 have managed so far- thank you.

I will then post a list of body weight exercises on here as requested by some of you for your own home practice.

Our Urban Confidence Seminar is nearly ready and will take place on the 11th of April at the East Sussex National- more details will be provided soon, but we believe this seminar is the first of its kind in the world linking self defence techniques with practical applications to boost your confidence and ensure those techniques work in the pavement arena under extreme stress.

Don't forget your "Homework" running though those hammer fists and getting used to using them at different angles of attack etc.

Till next time

Train Hard.....Fight Easy


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Female Urban Krav Maga Student Fight back -and wins.

One of our lady students was attacked recently. She handled it brilliantly and the attacker was left with more than a few bruises. Read the story below:

“I was just getting off the 381 bus just outside Waterloo Station around 2:30am after attending a party with some friends. I was alone as my friends were gone, and the bus was at its last stop. I stepped off the bus, walked a few meters, the bus pulled away and a man seemed to come out of nowhere. He was around 6ft 3“-6ft-5” tall, and stocky holding a beer can in his hand. He came straight towards me shouting and swearing right in my face, I was a little surprised, but was not too startled as there was really no time to figure out the situation.

Before his hands came up I dropped my bag and went straight into his face with an eye gouge, gripping his head tight with a mixture of finger tips and nails, which sent the beer can flying and his hands straight up to mine. I held on but was pushing hard which sent him backwards; I got in 2 palm strikes to the nose, managed to knee him in the groin twice but it was a bit unsteady with the 1st kick and the 2nd kick was the one he seemed to feel. He fell backwards on the ground holding his nose and groin, I fell down on him too as I was leaning in towards him with the palm strikes making me unbalanced, but as I was getting up I continued on him with 4 more palm strikes to the face… as I hurried away I called for an ambulance for him.

The lady, let’s call her Margaret, did a fantastic job here, particularly as she has only had 10 lessons with us. From a training point of view we see this as vindication of our practical, scenario-based approach.

If it kicks off there’s a good chance that you’ll be holding a bag, so we condition people to drop the bag and counter attack aggressively. We teach pre-emptive strikes as a fundamental part of the syllabus, who knows what would have happened if Margaret had let this jerk continue and lay his hands on her (I suspect that she would still have knocked the hell out of him but I’m glad that I’ll never find out).

We also train for the real chaos and mess of a real fight - things go wrong, Margaret shouldn’t have let herself get taken down by the guy but she responded perfectly by continuing the assault on the guy. N.B. the use of heel-of-the-hand strikes rather than punching: very effective close-in, where most fights actually take place, and you don’t end up with aching and cut knuckles.
Congratulations to Margaret and her teacher, Aasim.


Friday, 30 January 2009

Back to Normal and some thoughts from The British Combat Association

Hi guys,

Thanks for a good class last night despite lower numbers than usual, and hope not too many sore throats from chokes! and thanks to Steve R for kicking the class off.

I have finally had some sleep and feel back in the human race.

Classes back to normal next week so look forward to seeing you on Wednesday and Thursday.

I had an email from Peter Constandine the other day (Head of the BCA) which really confirms what we in UKM believe and I am sure he wont mind me copying some relevant bits below.

When I first started out on my martial arts career all those years ago I, probably, like everyone else who was looking for a way to protect themself, eventually believed that the 'physical'skills I had learned were the answer to all problems.
This was the myth of martial arts, reinforced by instructor, to instructor, to instructor created a blind obedience not only to the almost magical capabilities of their style over anything else,but to the very dangerous brain washing about the particular martial arts street effectiveness.
It was a myth. I had never fully bought into it for the simple reason that there were too many contradictions, even before I started working the doors. It was never explained why we practised stances, blocks and a whole host of techniques and then when we fought did absolutely none of them! I worked the doors solely to see how what I knew would stand up to the public, 'red in tooth and claw'.
It didn't without serious modification.There has been enough written about this, particularly the need for pre-emption to form the prime, tactical option and I like many others soon discovered this unassailable truth. That was my first wake up call; that an Eastern martial art with all its complexity and cultural baggage does not work in a Western,alcohol fuelled social environment. This is the problem with martial arts instructors who have no practical experience demonstrate in magazines so called self defence moves that wouldn't work against a ferret with a wooden leg and a bad attitude.

The second wake up call I had came when I became involved in the security industry, specifically the world of Close Protection and the Territorial Army. This could be summarised as the primary requirement for a permanent 'situational awareness'.

Till Next time

Train Hard......Fight Easy


Friday, 23 January 2009

Buses, Classes & Stuff!!

Hi All,

Great two days training thank you for that and good to see repeat faces at Eastbourne and some joiners, I know a few couldn't make it, so next week we should be up in numbers again.

Dates for the buses is getting closer, if anyone want a lift up with me let me know and will do on a first come first served basis as we now have one too many for the "O'Neil Battle Bus".

Remember no class on Wednesday at 5 Ashes as I will still be skiing, but back for Thursdays but may be a bit late in which case Steve R will start the class off and do the warm up etc- so be gentle on him.

Till Next Time

Train Hard...Fight Easy


Thursday, 15 January 2009

Eastbourne Up & Running!

Hi Guys,

Thanks to the Five Ashes crew for their support tonight at our new club in Eastbourne, it was much appreciated.

Great venue (thanks Tim) and another good bunch of people- hope you all enjoyed it.

Well done to everyone undergoing the rigours of a pressure test for the first time, there was some excellent retention of techniques there and real commitment to keep going which is what makes all the difference in surviving.

Will cover more next time on F. A. T. (Fitness. Aggression, Technique)

Don't worry if it all felt too much to remember we will go over these techniques again as we build over the coming weeks and it will become second nature as the muscle memory starts to kick in.

Hope to see you all back again next week and feel free to come along on Wednesday at Five Ashes if you would like to.

Till next time

Train Hard.................Fight Easy


Thursday, 8 January 2009

About Last Night

Morning All,

Great first lesson back thank you, Hope Tim's back is OK and not too many black eyes (and t*t's)from sparring!

Have reserved 10 places for the buses at the moment.

Confirmed I have, Sonja, Steve B, Jim, Chris and Charlie with possibles for another 5, can I ask that if you think you will become a definite, that you let me know by the end of this week as we now have a waiting list from other clubs, and its only fair that we release places to them if our possibles cant do it. Happy to car share so if anyone want a lift up there with me let me know-first come first served but I can take 6 in my "bus"

Slide show of the test is now on the website for you to download and view at your leisure and I have asked the paper for a copy of the photos they took.

Till Next Time

Train Hard....Fight Easy


Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year, New News!

Happy New Year All,

Thought I'd start my 2009 blogging with some update of progress in the UKM world.

News 1

Don't forget we are back to normal this Wednesday the 7th and the new club in Eastbourne launches 15th Jan.

If you have anyone who want to come along to this please ask them to get in touch with me first so I can review numbers etc.

News 2

We have at last got a date for Self Protection and third party protection training on a range of London Transport Buses.

This will take place on the 8th of February at Plumstead Bus Station. We will arrive at 10:00 for a briefing and cup of tea(!) . With training starting at 10:30. We will probably work through till about 14:30. So a good solid 4 hours training with the course run by the Founder of Urban Krav Maga and one of the most experienced Reality Based Self Defence practitioners around, Stuart McGill.

The seminar is priced at £30 per person for SUKM members, so is less than £10 per hour for some pretty exclusive training that may just save your skin sometime!

We may be joined by our colleagues from other Urban Krav schools and our private students as demand for this type of training is, as you can imagine, very high, so places are strictly limited and on a first come first served basis, though our club has first pickings, so if you do wish to attend please email me as soon as possible, but by the end of the week at the latest please.

News 3
Urban Confidence.

Stuart McGill, Simon Jordan (The confidence King!) and I are also now working on a public seminar titled Urban Confidence, to expand on some of the techniques for building confidence that some of you have already experienced, along with how to project that in a self protection environment, techniques to use to get you out of trouble-verbal deescalation, pre-emptive strikes etc etc.

This is provisionally booked for the 28th of February and is open to all with more details (price, location, timing etc) to follow idc, again if this is of interest to you and your family then please do let me know so we can start gauging numbers.

Look forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday and working off those chocolate and cheese belly's!

Train Hard.....Fight Easy