Friday, 1 August 2014

Another use of UKM in a hot situation from one of Spicers students

Some nice work from the Spi Cer . oss Student profile: male 27-29 5ft3 athletic build Immigration detention officer. Came over to us merry bunch 6 months ago (work doesn't allow every week) after being taught very bad techniques by a BKA instructor An emergency alarm goes off at work. Male detainee armed with home made shank was attacking other detainees staff and himself Officer (student) entered room (by this stage detainee had sat down on a bed & was going to town on his own arms) immediately the detainee jumped up and pointed the shank at the officers stomach (about a foot away from him). Immediately moving the shank (wrist) with the C grip straight into a cavalier grip stepped back & applied cavalier technique & dropped detainee, closed the distance while keeping control of the arm with the shank, dropped his shin to the side of his head then clamped the arm with his other knee. Bending the arm down and around allowed him to continue to strip the shank then move to safety. Dude saved himself, others & the detainee from causing any more harm to them or himself Happy Days