Thursday, 15 January 2009

Eastbourne Up & Running!

Hi Guys,

Thanks to the Five Ashes crew for their support tonight at our new club in Eastbourne, it was much appreciated.

Great venue (thanks Tim) and another good bunch of people- hope you all enjoyed it.

Well done to everyone undergoing the rigours of a pressure test for the first time, there was some excellent retention of techniques there and real commitment to keep going which is what makes all the difference in surviving.

Will cover more next time on F. A. T. (Fitness. Aggression, Technique)

Don't worry if it all felt too much to remember we will go over these techniques again as we build over the coming weeks and it will become second nature as the muscle memory starts to kick in.

Hope to see you all back again next week and feel free to come along on Wednesday at Five Ashes if you would like to.

Till next time

Train Hard.................Fight Easy


1 comment:

  1. Yep, great to see the newbies getting stuck in. It does get easier, honest! We're very lucky with the people who come to the classes - definitely looks like we have another cool bunch! See you all next week.