Sunday, 31 May 2009

Eastbourne & Beginners Seminar

Morning all,

As regular attendees will have noticed the number of Eastbourne members attending the Thursday classes has fallen over recent months and has been very low for the last month, averaging between 1& 2! with the numbers kept up by the support of the multi site users from 5 Ashes.

With summer upon us, there is always a further reduction in people attending classes, and therefore with regret I do not feel that we can continue with the Eastbourne site.

Thursday the 25th of June will therefore be the last class at Eastbourne.

5 Ashes will of course continue and all our Eastbourne members are welcome and indeed encouraged to have their membership transferred and come along on a Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in Eastbourne and to Tim & Stephi for the work they have put in.

On a more cheerful note (if we have enough numbers!), a beginners seminar will take place on Saturday the 20th June at 5 Ashes 9 till 1 covering.

1. An introduction to Urban Krav Maga
2. Self Defence- Reality versus Fiction- A guide to Self Defence
3. The Top 10 Attacks
4. An introduction to Urban Confidence

As advised previously this will be free to everyone doing their beginners package, £10 for members wishing a refresher and £30 for non members wanting to "have a look".

Can anyone who wants to attend please email or phone me by this Wednesday the 3rd of June please so I can confirm the booking with the hall- for those who have already expressed an interest, please do take a couple of minutes to confirm again.

Thank you

Train Hard...Fight Easy


Friday, 22 May 2009

Upcoming Seminars, DVD and T-Shirts

Morning All,

Good to do a full weeks training and see a few new faces, with Chris not breaking any of them.

Some general Krav news below, and anyone who has not expressed an interest in a 1/2 day beginners course on a Saturday but wants to come along, please let me know as soon as possible as I will be getting the dates and booking this over the next few days.

Forthcoming Seminars

We have weekend seminars coming up. The candidate instructors will be attending these courses; they are open to all and have proved in the past to be a very effective, intense way of covering the syllabus.

Dates:22 –24 May; on the Friday we work from 7pm to 10pm, 8am-6pm on the Saturday and Sunday.
5-7 June, the same timings as above.

Location:London Fight Factory, Hanbury Street, Bethnal Green – Directions are here:

Prices for the Non-Instructor Students:For those of you wanting to attend on a seminar basis as a good way of covering the syllabus quickly and to enjoy some intensive training, the costs will be:1 day £110 (including a Friday session for free)2 days £200 (including a Friday session for free).

If you want to do 2 weekends it will be £380; See here for an indication of that which we will be covering over these 2 weekends: (for the 19-22 June dates put aside for a Seminar, we will probably do another session on the bus –please let me know if you’re interested). let me know as soon as you can if you wish to attend one of the Seminars.


We’re currently working with Leo Negao on producing a comprehensive DVD covering self defence on the ground. This will utilise Brazilian Jiu Jutsu and MMA principles for self defence. You can see Leo in action here in his most recent fight:

The DVD will also cover knife attacks and threats. We’re producing this ourselves so the price will be competitive. More information to follow. Hopefully we will have ready for next month.


The now legendary SUKM T-shirts (legendary only because they seem to be being spun out of gold the time it has taken to get sorted), may now be available for the end of next week/beginning of the following. £12 each or 2 for £20.

Some of you also saw the new "Deaths Head " one last night so I will be bringing some of these along as well next time. £15 each.

Till Next Time

Train Hard...Fight Easy


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

UKM A beginners Guide and 14/5

Hi All,

Back from the sunny Isle of Wight and itching to get training.

I have had the chance to have some thoughts while away and with the number of newbies that we have, I thought I would run a Saturday morning beginners class covering the following:

1. An introduction to Urban Krav Maga

2. Self Defence- Reality versus Fiction- A guide to Self Defence

3. The Top 10 Attacks

4. An introduction to Urban Confidence

This 1/2 day course (probably 9-13:00) would be free to anyone who is a member of SUKM and still within their beginners package, £10 to existing members and £30 to non members.
All are welcome and if we have a good response then I would like a volunteer from our senior students (who have passed their test) to work with me as assistant instructor for the day (you wont have to pay!).

Anyone interested Please email me if you would be up for this seminar and I will sort out some dates.

This will then give us a chance to concentrate on the next level in our normal classes, though of course we do need to keep coming back to these basics to ensure if becomes second nature

If this proves successful then I could do some more themed seminars over the year.

Secondly I have been luckily enough to be invited to the Army Benevolent Fund event next week with HRH Prince of Wales and the Gurkha's among others so I may not be able to get back in time for classes in Eastbourne on the 14th, rather than do both things badly I will do one well and go out with the Army (& Chas!)- sorry to muck you around, but Thursday bunch please feel free to come along to our 5 ashes class instead on the Wednesday.

See you all later in the week

Train Hard....Fight Easy