Thursday, 26 February 2009

New Logo

Hi Guys,

A quiet night last night with our lowest turn out ever for various reasons, but hopefully back to normal tonight.

Thought I would give you a sneeky peeky at the proposed new "Front" logo exclusive for our club rather than the general Urban Krav Maga logos, we are working on the "Rear" logo now for tshirts, branding etc

See you all tonight.

Sussex Urban Krav Maga...Fighting Fit.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Urban Confidence

Its arrived! The long awaited premier self defence and confidence building event of the Year!

This unique event has been put together by myself, Stewart Mcgill Chief Instructor and founder of Urban Krav Maga and Simon Jordan , The Confidence King (and student!).
This is the first event of its kind in the world and will be starting in Sussex before being taken national, so this is your chance to be in at the start of this incredible journey with us.
This special 1 day event will show you how to spot the early signs of danger, pre-empt physical attacks and defend yourself from ongoing physical and verbal assault, using techniques designed for today not 200 years ago!

We will teach you the skills required to become more confident in difficult circumstances.

To ensure everyone gets the most from this day, space is strictly limited to 100 guests so book early to avoid disappointment.
see for more details and to book online.

See you all soon

Train Hard.....Fight Easy, with Confidence


Monday, 16 February 2009

Body Weight Exercises

You asked for it, here you go a list of some body weight exercises for you:

Main body parts used.

Squats Hold with Jump
Squats with Kick
Squat with punch
Squat to ReachClock Lunge
Overhead Lunge
Jumping Lunge
Single Leg Squat
Backward Lunge
Walking Lunge
Boot Strapper

All Body
Turkish Get ups
Running Arm Circles
Side Lunge
Jumping Jack
Squat Thrust
Alternating Leg Squat Thrust
Fast Feet
High Knee Run
High Fives
Burpee/Partial Burpee/Bastards
Body Roll to Standing/Press Up Body Role to Standing
Kneel to stand
Star Jumps from crouch
Wood Chop

Press Up
Press Up wide to Narrow
T Press
Press up with Knee Lift
Press up to Shoulder Press
Step Swap Press-Up
Press-Up with arm and leg lift
Slow Diamond Press Up
Open and Close Grip

Two Point Box
½ sit ups
Leg Lift
Single Leg Flop
Double Leg Flop
Russian Twists
Pointer Plank
Seated reverse crunch
Lying Leg Cross
Leg Lift
Punch Up
V Sit/Jack Knife
Leg Up Crunch
Plank with leg lift

Friday, 13 February 2009

Finishing Them Off, Take Notes and Exercises


Typing away here with a nice bruise on the back of my hands from the bear hugs and a few aches so always a good sign of a good few days training.

We have had some really good pressure tests this week as we have taken the intensity up slightly, but please ensure the technique your are using is fully complete, i.e. don't just take the knife etc and stop. Steve B in particular has really got to grips with this and is carrying on to "destroy" his opponent with great follow up attacks delivered with real aggression (and as importantly for us/you control!)- well done Steve.

Don't forget to take notes, I know a lot of you write them up at home which is cool, but always feel free to do so in class, will always give you time to do it.

I have now typed up some body weight exercises and will put that on a separate blog in a moment if I can get to format nicely and not take up all the page.

Finally please do sign up to the blog so you get auto updates- which hopefully those of you who have done so do get, as I will be taking the old auto advice off this weekend.

Train Hard...........Fight Easy.


Sunday, 8 February 2009

London Buses..................Sorted

Well done to everyone today who attended the bus course.
I hope you will agree a great days training and McG was very impressed with the pressure testing and with the girls in particular showing nice levels of aggression.
John the policeman, I am sure bought it home to you just how prevalent knife attacks and threats are in the UK and London in particular, and whilst this may be concentrated in our cities, the knife culture has unfortunately spread even to our leafier corner!
We will keep coming back to knife attacks and threats so you will have plenty of chance to keep up the skills you learnt today.
Thank you for keeping up the reputation of SUKM and see you all Wednesday and Thursday.
Train Hard.....Fight Easy (and don't get the Bus)

Friday, 6 February 2009

Mind Body and Kick Ass Moves

Ok 2nd post for today.

We have the opportunity to have Chris Crudelli come down and do a seminar at our club(s) if you would like to.

You may know Chris’ work as the Star of BBC & Dave, ‘Mind Body & Kick Ass Moves’, ‘Kick Ass Miracles’ & ‘Kick Ass in a Crisis’.- see for more info

I appreciate he is a more traditional martial artist than we are, so not really relevant to a lot of what we do, but the seminar includes basic forms and applications, body alignment, co-ordination as used in the issuance of force, mind over matter exercises, Qigong (Ki Skill) for healing and martial arts, basic to advance disarming methods of a stick, knife or gun (which we might disagree with!) so you might like to see how different arts approach the same problems.

Cost would be £40 and we would need at least 20 (may do this as a joint one with our friends at City Krav Maga to get the neccessary numbers).

Let me know if any interest.


Weather & The Buses, Blog Sign up and Urban Confidence

Morning all

Good classes this week as ever, thanks for all your hard work.

For those on the Buses with me Sunday, weather currently look all OK, so this is definitely on. Please get to mine by 08:30 per email- let me know if any issues.

Jim forgot to give you your gloves, remind me Sunday please.

If you haven't signed up to the blog yet, please do so as you will get auto advised of any updates as I will be taking off the current auto advice shortly due to its restrictions. It is straightforward to do- 5 have managed so far- thank you.

I will then post a list of body weight exercises on here as requested by some of you for your own home practice.

Our Urban Confidence Seminar is nearly ready and will take place on the 11th of April at the East Sussex National- more details will be provided soon, but we believe this seminar is the first of its kind in the world linking self defence techniques with practical applications to boost your confidence and ensure those techniques work in the pavement arena under extreme stress.

Don't forget your "Homework" running though those hammer fists and getting used to using them at different angles of attack etc.

Till next time

Train Hard.....Fight Easy


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Female Urban Krav Maga Student Fight back -and wins.

One of our lady students was attacked recently. She handled it brilliantly and the attacker was left with more than a few bruises. Read the story below:

“I was just getting off the 381 bus just outside Waterloo Station around 2:30am after attending a party with some friends. I was alone as my friends were gone, and the bus was at its last stop. I stepped off the bus, walked a few meters, the bus pulled away and a man seemed to come out of nowhere. He was around 6ft 3“-6ft-5” tall, and stocky holding a beer can in his hand. He came straight towards me shouting and swearing right in my face, I was a little surprised, but was not too startled as there was really no time to figure out the situation.

Before his hands came up I dropped my bag and went straight into his face with an eye gouge, gripping his head tight with a mixture of finger tips and nails, which sent the beer can flying and his hands straight up to mine. I held on but was pushing hard which sent him backwards; I got in 2 palm strikes to the nose, managed to knee him in the groin twice but it was a bit unsteady with the 1st kick and the 2nd kick was the one he seemed to feel. He fell backwards on the ground holding his nose and groin, I fell down on him too as I was leaning in towards him with the palm strikes making me unbalanced, but as I was getting up I continued on him with 4 more palm strikes to the face… as I hurried away I called for an ambulance for him.

The lady, let’s call her Margaret, did a fantastic job here, particularly as she has only had 10 lessons with us. From a training point of view we see this as vindication of our practical, scenario-based approach.

If it kicks off there’s a good chance that you’ll be holding a bag, so we condition people to drop the bag and counter attack aggressively. We teach pre-emptive strikes as a fundamental part of the syllabus, who knows what would have happened if Margaret had let this jerk continue and lay his hands on her (I suspect that she would still have knocked the hell out of him but I’m glad that I’ll never find out).

We also train for the real chaos and mess of a real fight - things go wrong, Margaret shouldn’t have let herself get taken down by the guy but she responded perfectly by continuing the assault on the guy. N.B. the use of heel-of-the-hand strikes rather than punching: very effective close-in, where most fights actually take place, and you don’t end up with aching and cut knuckles.
Congratulations to Margaret and her teacher, Aasim.