Thursday, 27 November 2008


Hi Guys and Girls,

Good effort last night on the slashing knife attacks, think we are getting there and hope not too many bruises from the break falls.

Maz good to see you there despite being ill and putting in a cheeky take down!

Just a reminder, NO training on the 10th December and 17th will include the test and Xmas Drink.

As next class will therefore be the last before the test, if there is any part of the top 10 in particular that you want to spend some time going over then please let me know.

Even if you are not taking the test please come along as will be good to "use" you in the pressure test and we will do a good hours lesson before hand in any event.

Testing will take around 1 hour.

Dont forget in any class you are welcome/encouraged to take notes as we go along.

Till next time

Train Hard.....Fight Easy


Thursday, 20 November 2008

About Last Night and Xmas Closing

Thanks for a good evening guys, couple of pictures from it here- will take some more over the weeks to come and put on the main website.
Can anyone who wants to take the top 10 test let me know as soon as possible please so I can get this sorted- date will be the 17th December if we have enough.
Last class will also be the 17th December (with a Xmas drink after at the pub opposite) as we close for the Xmas break with the first class of 2009 on the 7th of January.

In addition there will be no class on the 10th of December as I will be away so for those taking their test you only have two more lessons before it!

Till next time

Train Hard....Fight Easy


Monday, 17 November 2008

Staying Safe on Public Transport

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned in class, we have the opportunity to do a one day course with the police on a London Transport Bus(es).

As you know a lot kicks off on the top floor of buses and our police contacts in south east London have agreed that we can do some more training with and for them at Plumstead bus station.

This will be an excellent opportunity to test techniques in a restricted space (and learn new ones/improvise on the ones you know) and see how to get up effectively from a compromised sitting position.
I was hoping to do this before the year end, but with the current testing of the next round of instructors this is not going to be possible, so we will look to run the course during January, probably on a Sunday.

Appreciate you don't know the dates yet, but to make this worthwhile we need to have some good numbers, so can you all give me an idea if you would like to attend please- travel time is about 1 hour from our club and I am happy to take a few people in my "bus"- price will be around £20/£25 per person for members- and if we do open it up to non members then this will be £45 to include your membership as you must be a member of SUKM and therefore also be insured to attend.

Train Hard ...........Fight Easy


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Fight Night

Well done tonight all, great class and I was very impressed with the Milling- Steph and Charlie I would pay to see that fight (no not in that way!!!) really good aggression from everyone, and you all turned it off at the end of the round as well, which is just as important.

Grappling as you saw can be quite technical, but good effort, with Richard showing some great grappling potential.

Punches are really starting to come together now with the Jab, cross, hook, elbow and now hammer fist in your arsenal- so we will start putting these together in combinations.

I would like to look at starting some sparring soon so will need to have a chat with you about buying some kit as you will really need some gloves and will cover this next week.

Now we are starting to revise some of the top 10 I am really seeing the difference as I am sure you are with your technique and getting it to work smoothly.

Someone please remind me to take some photos next week as I forgot again and any members that i did not give out the top 10 to, remind me next week or I can email to you if you prefer.

Shame Steve and Sonja missed a class for the first time but we will get them up to speed next week.

Well done all and I am looking forward to next week already.

Till next time

Train Hard..Fight Easy


Thursday, 6 November 2008

Top 10 Attacks-Sorted!

For those who have been there right from the start (well done all) we have now completed the top 10 attacks and will carry on with revising these over the next few weeks.

Because I am too kind to you (!), I will write up some words on each as an aide memoir and let you have next week but all other techniques we go through you need to make your own notes if you are not already, as this will help it sink in- so please do bing a pad and pencil to class.

We will do a night of testing the top 10 for those that would like to and will do this beginning of December, no reason why everyone there tonight can not do this- it will be a lesson of pressure testing!!

Excellent pressure testing last night with the techniques executed extremely well or, even where you forgot them you kept going, and that is the key to surviving.

You are all starting to move like fighters, just need to remember not to get sloppy on the techniques when training and make sure you do finish it all the way and not stop because you don't want to dump your opponent on the floor. And start slow, no need to rush in at full speed at the start.

Forgot to take some pictures which I will do next week and I will try to get you out on time!!

Need to sort out a Xmas drinky poos if you are up for it and either do another night or perhaps easier as you all are travelling in from different places to go over to the pub opposite after training the week before Xmas. Let me know your preference.

Until next time.

Train Hard.......Fight Easy


Monday, 3 November 2008

"James Bond" Theme

Dear All,

Thought that with James Bond back out we should do some weapons work this week, so Guns, Knives (threat and attack) and revision of two of the top 10- preempt and headlock coming up!

See you all Wednesday.
Train Hard.....Fight Easy