Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ability to Fight v's Willingness to Fight- a new students observation

interesting discussion point below from one of my new students- look forward to all your thoughts.

"I was in a pub on Saturday and there was a massive brawl with about 20 people involved (classic Whetherspoons - don't go there often) between a group of Irish travelers and group loud chavvy guys. I wasn't involved and I hadn't been there long, so I was pretty sober, and I stood there and watched and I hardly saw, if at all, any technique or any serious punches or kicks being thrown. And it just put it into perspective how two groups, one a really loud group of chavvy guys shadow boxing at the bar with each other and a really loud group of Irish travelers, both of which were probably intimidating to most people in the pub and literally none of them could actually fight.

I'm pretty sure this is old news to you but it was a bit of an eye opener to me because I think it's quite natural for most people to assume people who are acting like that can fight or they're are pretty tough to a certain extent. But not even a single one of them could and it just amazed me to be honest. One of the travelers was even running around with his belt of trying to hit people with it (holding the buckle trying to whip people with the leather part). Just ridiculous.

Anyway I found it really interesting that it seems peoples willingness to fight (even if they can't) is what leads people to believe they are hard or to be intimidated by them rather then the fact they can actually fight. I'm sure the travelers left feeling pretty hard and a lot of the people in the pub would probably be really worried if they saw the travelers again and yet its all just intimidation.

It's changed they way I perceive people anyway and it really was an eye opener for me. I thought you might be interested to know as I'm pretty sure you worked this one out already!"

Train Hard.....Fight Easy