Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cessation of Tuesday Krav- pending new venue

With regret I have to advise that with immediate effect there will be no more classes at The Gym in Tunbridge Wells, my current Jury Service is making it difficult/unpredictable to get there and with the Bank Holidays coming up we could have been looking at a 3 week gap in any event.

Attendance has been too variable and whilst a great  Gym (and I would recommend it for its training facilities) the venue brings its own issues from a teaching perspective, particularly with noise and privacy levels which makes it difficult to deliver the full " Urban Krav experience" and I have no desire to deliver "Krav Light"

I will still be doing Thursday classes in T Wells at St Barnabas Church Hall which are expanding nicely and of course the Wednesday classes in 5 Ashes remain as they are.

A new venue will be sought to plug the Tuesday gap.

In the meantime        Train Hard...................Fight Easy................& come to another night!!!


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Be careful of who asks you the time.....

I know my regular students will see the initial error immediatly in the story below and the chaps initial response while in code white to get his phone out but the fella recovered well!!!

comment from one of Stewarts students on a minor altercation!

" was returning home at Wembley Park on a Saturday night when right at the bottom of the station's stairs under the little bridge, two guys asked me for the time. When I took out my phone to check the one closer to me tried to grab it. I instinctively decided to act so as Stewart says,it had to be done quickly and aggressively to 'end it and get out' asap. As the guy was reaching for my hand, I let the phone slip back into my jacket, grabbing the tricep of his extended hand and back of the head with my other hand and landed a full-on headbutt which knocked him out.

Without wasting time I used the nose/head manipulation on the other guy, driving his face into the wall and following with a knee as he was going down, for good measure. With both on the floor, I quickly made my way back up the stairs into the station and used an alternative exit. I have trained in many other martial arts and have served in the army but the simple, efficient and effective techniques that Urban Krav Maga offers -together with Stewart's clarity of teaching- are unparalleled for a real-life confrontation!"

Train Hard.............Fight Easy


Thursday, 3 May 2012

UKM Sports First Aid 30/6/2012

We will be running a Sports First Aid course on the 30th June available to all Urban Krav Maga members.

Details below.

Email me if you would like to attend or apply on our facebook site.

Price will be £50 per person and will include a BBQ weather permiting.

Venue will be East Sussex.

This is an HSE approved full day course, fully certified and the certificate is valid for 3 years.

You will also get weekly email video updates to keep your skills uptodate.

Course content will be:

• Aims of first aid
• Fears of first aid
• Barriers and fear of infection
• Initial Assessment
• Airways and breathing – chain of survival
• Recovery position and spinal injuries
• Sudden Cardiac Arrests
• AED – Automatic External Defibrillators
• CPR – mouth to mouth – mouth to nose – compressions only
• Drowning
• Choking
• Serious bleeding
• Shock
• Spinal injuries
• Injury assessment
• Breaks, Dislocations and Fractures
• Wounds and dressing
• Burns and Scalds
• Head Injuries
• Temperature related illnesses
• Eye injuries
• Strains and Sprains
• Bites and Stings
• Chest Injuries
• Anaphylactic Shock
• Seizures and Epilepsy
• Strokes
• Fainting
• Asthma

Train Hard.........................Fight Easy...................& bring a plaster!


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Gym and no Kent Krav 3/5

Had an excellent first session at The Gym- thank you to the new and existing students who came down to support. Look forward to seeing you all next week. A reminder that there is no Thursday Krav this week as the hall is being used for local elections- but wil be back to normal on the 10th- see you all then.