Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cessation of Tuesday Krav- pending new venue

With regret I have to advise that with immediate effect there will be no more classes at The Gym in Tunbridge Wells, my current Jury Service is making it difficult/unpredictable to get there and with the Bank Holidays coming up we could have been looking at a 3 week gap in any event.

Attendance has been too variable and whilst a great  Gym (and I would recommend it for its training facilities) the venue brings its own issues from a teaching perspective, particularly with noise and privacy levels which makes it difficult to deliver the full " Urban Krav experience" and I have no desire to deliver "Krav Light"

I will still be doing Thursday classes in T Wells at St Barnabas Church Hall which are expanding nicely and of course the Wednesday classes in 5 Ashes remain as they are.

A new venue will be sought to plug the Tuesday gap.

In the meantime        Train Hard...................Fight Easy................& come to another night!!!


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