Friday, 26 June 2009

Another Week, injuries and Kent Search and Rescue

Greetings All

An injury packed week!

Neil bought down by Rigo "The Snake" with possible fractured ribs via the Training Karma of he who injures gets injured and then Steve "I don't like kickboxers" B, taken down with a dislocated Knee adding to his wrist injury- hope you all get better soon guys- hopefully Charlie will be brave enough to come back soon as well.

We had our final class at Eastbourne for the Summer with a good rumble in the jungle and the guys from down there will be joining the 5 Ashes massive this week so could be a hot and sticky one as we should also have a couple more newbies starting- the need to find a bigger hall in this area increases.

If any one wants any kit, let me know- still have some gloves and all the tshirts with me, and groin guards turn up pretty quick so see me after/before class and I can order what you might need at trade prices.

As some of you know I am involved with Kent Search and Rescue and they are looking for teams to enter their "Are you tough enough" challenge in July- I will attach to an email the details but would be cool if we could enter a couple of teams for this worthwhile charity- again let me know at class.

Till next time

Train Hard.....Fight Easy


Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Instructors Urban MMA, BCA Masterclass & the Tee's

Morning All,

Firstly, congratulations to Jamie Douglas, Geff Francis and Peter Bilitsch for getting through the Instructor Training process. Jamie will be doing mostly private lessons in London and is our first Oxbridge graduate instructor; Geff will be opening up a club in the Brighton area; Peter will shortly be moving to Stirlingshire and will be training up there.

BCA Seminar.

Urban Krav Maga have been asked by the internationally renowned British Combat Association (BCA) to provide a masterclass on 13 September 2009. This is the first time any Krav Maga organisation has been asked to give such a seminar in the UK and reflects the respect within the self defence community for Urban Krav Maga.

This will be held on the 13 September at a location to be confirmed, but it will be Oop North.

McG will be doing the gig with Leo, and our Northern guys at Beyond Fighting; I will advise more details when I have them, but the following is an outline of what we intend to do at the seminar- Likely to be very off patch for us, but if anyone is interested I will provide further info idc and perhaps if we have enough we can always take the Battle bus up there depenidng on final location.

Likely schedule:

1.Takedowns, takedown defences, what to do immediately when taken down, escapes from common attacks and pin-downs on the ground and how to finish on the ground when you’re the attacker. Leo Negao will lead this session.

2. Knife threats and knife attacks and basics on handling gun threats. There will be regular breaks to revise the groundwork taught earlier in the day and building in the knife work through the pressure testing mechanism described below.

3. 35 minutes revision/pressure testing. Attendees will work in Groups of 3, the victim in the group will be taken down aggressively, he/she will have 5 seconds to get up before the third party starts to put the boot in (gently!); when they get up they will have to handle a knife attack/threat or deal with a gun in the face – then we rotate the victim.


Looking at a couple of options re the new groundwork DVD with Leo, including the possibility of NAP producing something but under a slightly different basis from last time. Will report back on this soon.

The UKM set has been available from Amazon for a while and has some good feedback. This is shown below.
Let me know if you would like any.

See the buyer reviews on the bottom half of this page:

I know steady but.................Will have some of the death head ones tonight, and our new SUKM ones are being printed this weekend so will have(!!) for next week.- Believe it when I see it, but we are sooooo close!

That's it for now, see some of you tonight, rest next week, stay safe and till then

Train Hard.......Fight Easy


Friday, 5 June 2009

This week and beginners

Hi Guys

Interesting weeks training- we got to use mats for the first time on Thursday , which hopefully you guys enjoyed with a few take downs and we managed to break people on Wednesday.

Poor old Charlie received our first real broken bones Krav injury with, a spiral fracture of the metacarpal, as she said we have now found the limit of the bendiness of her body!(something Chris has never managed!)- we will need to look at minting a special medal for her- she is in plaster at the moment so will be out for a month or so, giving Chris a chance to get to her skill level and Neil to work on his apology!!

Charlie I think you should come down though and let us all sign your cast and we could have it mounted as a trophy!

Rigo was another man down , trying to take out MMA Jon, but have not heard how he is doing .

And then Mark and Neil blew a head gasket (well Mark's A Team van did) and did not get home till midnight.

Despite all that we had some excellent new beginners join so welcome aboard guys

Good news is that our Eastbourne guys are going to brave the dangers of five ashes and come down on a Wednesday. If we do start getting in the 20's again at 5 ashes then we will need to look at another venue in the area- a new judo club has started up recently so I am going to see if I can track them down and use their venue as they will have mats etc and there is the possibility of fitness first in Heathfield- if anyone has any other suggestions then please let me know.

We have 12 people confirmed for the beginners session on the 20th so that will now definitely go ahead, if anyone wants to come along who has not confirmed, please let me know asap

Have a good weekend

Train Hard....Fight Easy