Tuesday, 31 March 2009

the logos

Forgot to post these for you guys. See you tomorrow/Thursday

Friday, 27 March 2009

This week

Thanks all for this week, some good sessions.

Thank you also for the feedback on the new tshirt designs, hope to go to print later today and with a fair wind will have some for next week.

Anyone who has not got groin guards and gloves, please think about getting these soon as you can otherwise we cant get everyone sparring and putting some more effort into the defences/attacks. I can get these for you if required, it is about £10 for a groin guard and £20 for the gloves.

Last call for the buses seminar as I need to confirm numbers with McGill later today, so if you have not yet paid/confirmed let me know now please.

Have a great weekend all, keep safe

Train Hard....Fight Easy


Friday, 20 March 2009

Summer Show, Buses and a T-Shirt!

Dear All,

Thank you for a good weeks training and nice to see so many new faces at 5 Ashes this week, without Chris being there we managed to not break anyone which is always a bonus, so hopefully they will be back!

We have been asked to put on a demonstration at the 5 Ashes Summer Show on the 25th of July. Now I have never been to that so it might mean doing something in front of two people and a dog, but I am looking for volunteers, need at least say 5 but the more the merrier and will probably do a "gentle" form of pressure test as then we can show a load of techniques one after another, then bugger off down the pub.

Please let me know asap if up for this as I need to let the organiser know.

Also a reminder buses on the 5th of April. If you want to come along to this please let me know by the end of this week and let me have your money at next weeks classes.

Hopefully finishing off the design for the rear of our new exclusive SUKM T-shirts this week so should have in stock soon.

Till Next time


Train hard..........Fight Easy.....Never Give Up

Friday, 6 March 2009

Urban MMA- Clan Wars 2

Dear All,

Second post today, our colleagues over in Northern Ireland run an MMA competition called Clan Wars, they had a small one in the club the first time but now things are picking up and they are getting a second bigger event on the way ie Clan Wars 2.

They started Clan Wars as they do a lot of MMA style sparring so students had asked if they could get a small MMA fight team together.

In their first event they did very well with 4 wins, 2 loses and 3 draws which was pretty good as most were beginners and first timers.

They are now holding Clan Wars 2 in August and will be holding more towards the end of the year so with the cheap flights from England, they thought they would get out an invite to all other UKM clubs to see if they had students who would like to participate either in August or the next one?

They are not licensed for full Pro rules but have an amateur d class which is normal amateur and amateur c class which is a semi-pro ie head shots standing but no head shots on the ground.

They compete against other MMA and ju jitsu clubs from Ireland and try and match up with similar experience ie beginners against beginners and guys with more experience matched fairly too - they are very strict on this matter.

If any one would like to give this a go get in touch with me and you can see the guys at play at


Train Hard ..........Fight Easy

Krav on the Buses Volume 2 & Urban Confidence Offer

Hi Guys

Good to see you all over the last few days.

Jus to let you know we have a date for another of our popular Self Defence on the Buses 1 day courses working with the Police and hosted by the Founder of UKM Stewart McGill (with a little help from me!)

Date for this is the 5th of April at Plumstead Bus Garage. 10:30am -2:30pm. Price £30 payable in advance and gives you the opportunity to learn how to defend yourself in close quarters. Places are stricly limited (there is only so many we can fit on a bus!) so its first come first served.

If you want to attend please let me know as soon as possible- NB You must be a member of SUKM for this and be insured with the BCA, if not price for the course will be £50 to include membership.

See earlier posts on this site for additional details and comments on the day.
We also have a few tickets still available for the Urban Confidence Seminar- see www.urbanconfidence.co.uk which I will let you have with an early bird discount and give you £10 for any additional people who sign up to the seminar that you introduce.

Till Next Time

Train hard...Fight Easy.