Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Recent UKM use on the doors!

Some kind words from one of my guys who had occasion to use some UKM over the weekend "I have been training with Mark O'Neil at sussex urban krav maga for nearly two years now and can honestly say the techniques I have learned are the real deal and very effective . I work as a doorman at a nightclub on the south coast , we had an incident recently , two guys were arguing , my colleague had control of the argument as I approached . The two guys seemed to go their separate ways when another comment came from one of them , very quickly they came to blows . My colleague very quickly had one restrained which left the other guy free to rain punches down . Mark O'Neil in training has told us about recognising body shapes/positions and techniques that work when presented with certain body shapes . Remembering this I quickly noticed the guy had his head held high , and in such a position that I could bring his head down move his chin across and apply the gahote choke . The guy gave up the fight straight away and raised his hands in a surrender motion , I told him to follow me which he did and I relaxed the hold but still maintained control and led him out of the club . I felt slightly proud that I had kept my colleague safe , the guy he was restraining safe , the guy I had hold of safe , other customers and myself safe . I would like to thank Mark for the training I have been taught and urge anyone looking to learn an effective self defence programme to get along to any of the urban krav maga classes around the country , this stuff works . In the words of my sensei "Train hard fight easy " oss. example of the technique below. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_kK31vejWW8