Friday, 24 April 2009

Those Crazy Russians, Press Comment, AOB

Hi Guys

Hope everyone is all OK after this weeks training and some hard pressure tests.

Just a couple of bits, at the end of this blog is comment from one of our students who had to use the Gun defence in Russia recently.

SUKM also appeared in the papers last week (With a picture of Charlie!) and for those who didn't see it, a copy can be reviewed on the gallery pages of my site.

Still sitting here waiting for T-Shirts- no wonder we are in a recession when we have appalling service like this.

If anyone has any aspect of self defence they want me to cover please do let me know and I will incorporate it into a training night- so if there is any particular attack you are concerned about or indeed have been subject to and what to know what to do, email me and we will cover it next time.

Finally don't forget NO training next week, next training 6th and 7th of May- ensure you do your homework(!) picture certain attacks happening and work out how to get out of them (trust me, it does work).

UKM Gun Defence works in Russia

"I was being driven away from a business meeting in Novosibirsk (Siberia) and I had my window open as I was smoking and sitting in the front passenger seat. As we pulled up to the traffic lights 2 rough looking guys that were crossing the street ran up to the car, one to the drivers side and the other to my open window, this man pulled a gun. He shoved the pistol right inside and tried to grab me yelling to open the doors (as they were locked and the drivers window was up the other man was banging on it). Straight away I grabbed the attackers right hand (the one holding the gun) with my right hand pushing away and then grabbed the gun with my left hand. I had trained with Paul exactly how to deal with this particular gun (a makharov russian army issue and one of the most common in this part of the world) so I made sure my hand was over the slide and my thumb under the hammer. I executed the disarm by pulling his wrist towards me and tearing the gun from his hand. The driver put his foot down and we were gone leaving the attacker standing in the middle of the road with his gun in my pocket.

All that happened to me was a bleeding thumb and a massive hit of adrenaline.
I started training with Paul specifically for this reason. I spend half my time in Knightsbridge and the other half in places like Novosibirsk
(Siberia) where incidents like this are all too frequent. If I hadn't trained with Paul I don't know what would have happened. For sure I would have lost my company car,wallet phone etc but also maybe I would've been killed.

I have only been training with Paul for 3 months but he makes everything so easy to understand that I already feel confident with a large proportion of the system. Thanks Paul I will be now upping the number of sessions I train with you".

Train Hard.......Fight Easy


Friday, 17 April 2009

Urban Confidence, Man Down and welcome back Steve

Hi Guys,

Really enjoyed this weeks training, thank you, some really good pressure tests and nice techniques.

A couple of updates, The next Urban Confidence event (, takes place on the 19th September and we will be taking bookings soon (as soon as Simon updates the website that is), so book early to avoid disappointment.

We had Tim collapse on us yesterday with his old mans back, but hopefully my osteopath will put him back together again before he goes off to New Zealand, otherwise I will just have to take his place (Stephi stop hoping)- it is probably gods revenge for the synchronised warm up that he made you all do (though I have to say it did look rather cool- will have to get him to do that again when he and Stephi are back in 3 weeks)

As T&S are away we might have a struggle getting in on a Thursday so if we do please bear with me/us as required- worse case we can always do it outside(!)

Don't forget training next week but not the week after.

Finally was great to see Steve B back at 5 Ashes this week, have missed him over the last month so welcome back Steve (just need to sort out Jim now).

Train Hard...........Fight Easy


Monday, 6 April 2009

Krav MMA on You Tube

2nd post for today, but check out

Leo Negao and Stewart McGill doing some training in preparation for the new DVD, Krav MMA: Ground and Knife. This will show how MMA and Urban Krav Maga principles and techniques can be melded and applied to defend yourself on the ground and against the knife. DVD coming out soon

Hey No One Died!

Well that was a funny old week of training, our first call out of an ambulance and we hadn't even got started.

Thank you to everyone who helped with our casualty, you ll be pleased to know he is fine (as far as you can be after that crack to the head) and may be back!

Sorry for that making the lesson a bit odd, but adapt or die!

With the next two weeks being Easter, can you all email me to let me know if you intend to come this week/next so I can get an idea of numbers/experience and do a bit of planning accordingly- would hate to just be there on my Jack Jones.

There will be no classes on the 29th and 30th of April as I will be away on hols, normal service resumes 6th May (another bank holiday week!).

Have chased up the tshirts today so will keep you posted on that

Hope you all had a good one, see you Wednesday/Thursday.

Train Hard..............Fight Easy