Monday, 17 November 2008

Staying Safe on Public Transport

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned in class, we have the opportunity to do a one day course with the police on a London Transport Bus(es).

As you know a lot kicks off on the top floor of buses and our police contacts in south east London have agreed that we can do some more training with and for them at Plumstead bus station.

This will be an excellent opportunity to test techniques in a restricted space (and learn new ones/improvise on the ones you know) and see how to get up effectively from a compromised sitting position.
I was hoping to do this before the year end, but with the current testing of the next round of instructors this is not going to be possible, so we will look to run the course during January, probably on a Sunday.

Appreciate you don't know the dates yet, but to make this worthwhile we need to have some good numbers, so can you all give me an idea if you would like to attend please- travel time is about 1 hour from our club and I am happy to take a few people in my "bus"- price will be around £20/£25 per person for members- and if we do open it up to non members then this will be £45 to include your membership as you must be a member of SUKM and therefore also be insured to attend.

Train Hard ...........Fight Easy


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  1. Nice blog mate and great to hear the classes are going so well.
    Will speak to my contacts in the police down in south east London and will confirm timings re the January bus session within the next few days