Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Fight Night

Well done tonight all, great class and I was very impressed with the Milling- Steph and Charlie I would pay to see that fight (no not in that way!!!) really good aggression from everyone, and you all turned it off at the end of the round as well, which is just as important.

Grappling as you saw can be quite technical, but good effort, with Richard showing some great grappling potential.

Punches are really starting to come together now with the Jab, cross, hook, elbow and now hammer fist in your arsenal- so we will start putting these together in combinations.

I would like to look at starting some sparring soon so will need to have a chat with you about buying some kit as you will really need some gloves and will cover this next week.

Now we are starting to revise some of the top 10 I am really seeing the difference as I am sure you are with your technique and getting it to work smoothly.

Someone please remind me to take some photos next week as I forgot again and any members that i did not give out the top 10 to, remind me next week or I can email to you if you prefer.

Shame Steve and Sonja missed a class for the first time but we will get them up to speed next week.

Well done all and I am looking forward to next week already.

Till next time

Train Hard..Fight Easy


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  1. sounds like i missed a good class there...damm it. but will be along next week.

    see u all then