Friday, 26 June 2009

Another Week, injuries and Kent Search and Rescue

Greetings All

An injury packed week!

Neil bought down by Rigo "The Snake" with possible fractured ribs via the Training Karma of he who injures gets injured and then Steve "I don't like kickboxers" B, taken down with a dislocated Knee adding to his wrist injury- hope you all get better soon guys- hopefully Charlie will be brave enough to come back soon as well.

We had our final class at Eastbourne for the Summer with a good rumble in the jungle and the guys from down there will be joining the 5 Ashes massive this week so could be a hot and sticky one as we should also have a couple more newbies starting- the need to find a bigger hall in this area increases.

If any one wants any kit, let me know- still have some gloves and all the tshirts with me, and groin guards turn up pretty quick so see me after/before class and I can order what you might need at trade prices.

As some of you know I am involved with Kent Search and Rescue and they are looking for teams to enter their "Are you tough enough" challenge in July- I will attach to an email the details but would be cool if we could enter a couple of teams for this worthwhile charity- again let me know at class.

Till next time

Train Hard.....Fight Easy


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