Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A First Class- First Class

Dear All,

Just a quick Blog to thank all of you who made it tonight (particularly those who travelled a long way) for a great class.

I was really impressed by the effort you put in, particularly when the going got tough on the pressure test at the end, you all showed a great fighting spirit and remembered the techniques well.

I hope those who could not make this week do manage to get down for next week.

A reminder for when you are writing up any notes that we covered a few of the preemptive attacks (strike to the groin head take down, push pull take down and Bi*"h Slap) , the fence and slashing bottle defense.

We will do a couple more of these preemptive next week and probably look at some knife threats/attacks.

Until next time

Train Hard.........Fight Easy


1 comment:

  1. Well my body has just about recovered from last week's class now! Look forward to giving it another hammering tomorrow!

    Seriously though, great class. Finally some realistic stuff in this neck of the woods. Nice one Mark.