Thursday, 25 September 2008

Last Nights Class

Dear All

Just a quickie to thank everyone for the effort they put in last night, I was extremely impressed but the "dont give up" attitude you all displayed, particularly in the final pressure testings, having done quite a lot of physical work prior and for most of you coming from no fighting background.

Thank you for making it so easy to instruct such a great group, you are all picking things up very quickly.

I hope you are not all aching too much, especially as we ran out of time for a good warm down and stretch and that all those "newbies" will be sufficiently inspired to come back next week.

When I can get my USB link to work I will post some of the pictures on the blog and once we have enough good ones will, with your permission, add them to the main website.

If any one has any question from last night please do not hesitate to call or email me and I would recommend that you do all bring a notebook and pencil along to class as there is a large amount of techniques we will cover and it is useful to have something to read and do homework with!

If you would like to be automatically advised when I have put some more ramblings on here, let me know and I will add you to the subscribers list.

Until next time

Train Hard.....Fight Easy



  1. Another brilliant lesson and what a cool bunch of people we have in the class. Everybody was enjoying themselves and really put the effort in. Nice to see the girls weren't the least bit intimidated by us blokes! They did great in the pressure testing.

    Yeah I ache but it feels good! Looking forward to next week :)

  2. thanks for that Steve and I completely agree.