Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Instructor Training

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We are now rolling out the next stage of our instructor training programme- the picture opposite comes from the last one held at the world famous Gleesons Boxing Gym.

Because UKM is a highly developed and complete fighting system we do not accept just anyone onto the course and most candidates have to be introduced to the programme by an existing instructor first, but for anyone interested, I have posted some basic information below.

If you would like to be considered for this please do give me a call/email etc

Basic Criteria for Entry

Basically 4 years experience in a recognised martial art/fighting discipline, though this criterion will be relaxed if a candidate is known to and recommended by a Certified Urban Krav Maga Instructor. Prior to acceptance on the course, candidates who are not known to a Certified Urban Krav Maga Instructor will be required to attend a training session at an appropriate venue to confirm their suitability for the course.

Some Feedback on the Course

After training in several martial arts over many years, including Wing Chun and several other styles of Krav Maga, I’ve found what I’m looking for in Urban Krav Maga; a fully developed fighting system using proven techniques. I wish I’d found you years ago.
I would recommend anyone interested in the reality of going to the ground in the street look at the groundwork section of UKM.

Mark O’Neil – Urban Krav Maga Instructor (that will be me then!!!!)

As a novice to ground work I was not looking forward to this weekend,but thanks to Gershon & Andy’s training methods,knowledge & personalities the weekend was incredible & despite the bruised chest,ribs,neck,shoulders & ears I came away buzzing. I would also like to thank every one else on the instructors course, a great bunch of very talented guys, for all their support & help.Thanks every one. Would not change a thing.
Jonathan Saunders – Urban Krav Maga and Tae Kwan Do Instructor

Great course, great team.
Ben Hockman, Chief Instructor Beyond Fighting

These weekends seemed like a doubled edged sword. While continuously leaving the gym battered, bruised and physically and mentally shattered I thrived on the fact that I was drilling this system inside out.
I thought that although there was a hell of a lot to cover (due to the breadth of the system), everyone taking part did a fantastic job taking it all in and did excellently on the final weekend. Personally, after Gershon and Andy’s weekend I feel a lot more able when it comes to ‘rolling’.

Geoff Roberts – Urban Krav Maga Instructor

Structure of the Course

These courses are open to people that wish to become instructors and to those that wish to do some intensive training over a weekend or weekends. Candidate Instructors must attend all 4 parts of the course; others can attend any weekend that they wish though it should be noted that the Final weekend will be dedicated to revision and testing for the Candidate Instructors and will be open only to those candidates.

Basically there are 4 Intensive Weekends (over 60 hours of training). Throughout the course Candidate Instructors will be regularly asked to teach techniques to the rest of the group. This is to help internalise techniques as well as afford an opportunity to develop teaching skills.
Until next time
Train Hard Fight Easy

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