Tuesday, 9 September 2008

1 Week to Go

For everyone attending our new class next Wednesday, just a reminder to bring along something to drink, perhaps a change of t-shirt for your way home and a towel to mop your weary brows.

I would recommend you bring a notepad and pencil to make notes as well as we will be covering a lot of ground in the initial weeks (and ongoing!) and though we will be coming back to techniques, writing them down really does help.

Other than that come in whatever you are comfy in and happy to get pulled,dirty, wet(!) etc.

Please leave all personal jewelry at home, you will not be able to train wearing rings,necklaces,watches bracelets and interesting piercings and we have no lockers to store these in on site so best to leave at home.

Any questions please do email or phone me and I look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday

For now

Train Hard....Fight Easy


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