Saturday, 6 September 2008

Workout no1

As promised a I have detailed below a basic circuit work out for getting fit to fight.
The beauty of these circuits is that the seven exercises chosen, work as many different muscle groups as possible and require a high tempo thereby ensuring the maximum calorie burn in the shortest time and with no Kit.

Do the exercises back to back taking 60 seconds per exercise and try not to rest in between.
One whole circuit takes 7 minutes, Aim to do as many circuits as time and fitness allow.

Do each move quickly and powerfully but without compromising good form.

1. Bastards

  • Get into a press up position with your hands shoulder width apart- do one press up.
  • Jump both feet forwards beneath you (like you are doing a squat thrust).
  • Jump up into the air bringing your knees to your chest
  • Land and back into the press up position- that's one rep

2. Turkish Get Up (right arm raised)

  • Lie on your back with you right arm pointing straight up
  • Keeping you arm in position roll onto your side
  • Move into a standing position with your arm still pointing up
  • Reverse the movement back to the floor and repeat

3. Jackknife

  • Lie on the floor with your arms behind your head and keeping your feet and hands off the floor
  • Keeping your arms and legs straight raise them to meet over you belly
  • Return to the start and repeat

4.T Press ups

  • Keep your body straight in the press up position- don't let your hips sag
  • Lower your chest to the floor and push up powerfully
  • Twist your torso and reach one hand towards the ceiling
  • Alternate sides with each rep

5. Turkish Get up (Left arm raised)

6. Side lunge and Touch

  • Stand up straight and take a big step to the side
  • Bend you knee and lean forwards form the hips to touch one foot
  • Keep your back straight at all times
  • Alternate sides with each rep

7.Squat to reach

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Squat keeping your back straight and your feet in line with your knees
  • Stand up and raise your arms high over your head and rise up on your toes
  • Return to the start and repeat.

And the usual disclaimer: Always check with your GP before undertaking a vigorous exercise regime. Listen to your body.If you feel unwell or in pain at any time, stop.
Mark O'Neil, Sussex Urban Krav Maga,Urban Krav Maga and associated clubs can not be held responsible for any injury sustained in attempting these exercises which you do so solely at your own risk.

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