Tuesday, 30 September 2008

another day another senseless death

It seems that if we are not reading about the global financial meltdown then it is about the senseless slaughter of someone on our streets.

Today the news managed to combine both with the report of the Banker murdered when he tried to step in to help.

These headlines are headlines because they are exceptional and for every one reported there are many occasions where someone steps in and diffuses the situation with no harm to themselves or others

It is amazing that despite a lot of headlines like this, brave people of conscience do still try and stand up for others and do what they can- from the early stage reporting I have seen, his literally fatal mistake was to hang around after.

If you are going to become involved then you must always leave the scene/area as soon as you can, before their reinforcements arrive or they decide to give it another go- never stand around "accepting the applause of others"- they wont step in to help you.

A lot of problems also occur when you have gone to ground either with your head making contact with the hard unforgiving concrete first or with the punishment you then get, over the coming weeks we will cover this in more detail, even it it only saves you from injury when you slip on an icy pavement, its worthwhile learning.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Train Hard....Fight Easy


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