Thursday, 2 October 2008

Where we are so far

Dear All,

First of all thank you to everyone for making it a great training night (again), there was a lot to take in, but the effort you all put in right from the start with the warm up through to pressure test in the dark(!) and beyond was fantastic, thank you all for taking on board so much, and you will be amazed and the improvements you have made already which you will really see when we start to revisit what we have done.

Thought I would just remind you what we have covered so far and which techniques are from the top 10 attacks, just to help your revision- hopefully I have not missed any!

Week 1
From common attacks NO1- Preemptive solutions
Groin Strike
Torso twist take down
B*tch Slap

Common Attacks No6.
Swinging Bottle attack.

Week 2
Knife Threats to the front- side of neck and underneath Chin with variations on take downs/disarm.

Common Attack No10.
Side Headlock-preemptive, punches coming in and choke.

Week 3
Common Attacks No3.
Sideways on single hand lapel grab- 3 versions.
Defense against knees when in headlock.

Common Attack No9.
A slash with knife, most commonly a 3 to 4" lock blade knife or kitchen utility knife.

Common Attack No10
Swinging Punch to the Head

So well done everyone that is a lot of new techniques to take in each time (effectively 6 new ones last night!!), as we build on these we will keep coming back and refreshing.

...........and on completion of the top 10 attacks, before we move onto the rest of the level 1 syllabus we will use one training night to pressure test the top 10 in one go and hopefully award all of you your certificates.

Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday at my house, if you have not yet confirmed attendance, please do so and thank you to all those who have already.

Until Next time

Train Hard.....Fight Easy


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