Thursday, 30 October 2008

Training Update

Morning All,

Just a quick note following on from last nights training.

I think trying to do all those bear hug defences was one hug too far, though you did all handle the situations very well and Charlie and Sonja in particular did some great take downs in the pressure test.

Next week may revert to teaching just one technique of each and see how you feel about that, for instance may do gun defences but just to the front, and not the rear, side, on knees etc as well, but spread that out over the coming weeks.

Let me know if you think that will work better for you that way or if you would prefer to learn all in one go.

From those who have been with me from the start we have one more Top 10 attack to cover and you have done the lot, so we shall start doing more revision each week on these as well (this will also ensure all the newbies get these covered as soon as possible), and then if you are up for it we will have one class where we test the lot in one go!!!

Till next week take care and

Train Hard...Fight Easy



  1. Yeah I reckon maybe spread the techniques over a few sessions rather than try too many variations in one go. Repeating the same couple of techniques over and over may be slightly less interesting but I think it trains the muscle memory/subconscious more effectively.

    Oh and judging from the soreness I'm feeling today, the warm up was more than adequate! So absolutely no need to step it up next week...! :)

  2. Thanks for your comments mate and for others who responded in email.
    It is always tricky to know what is the best way to teach certain techniques, and of course some people prefer one way and some another and it can change according to the threat defence being taught- and of course our group dynamic constantly changes as new people arrive

    I think I might do the gun and knife threats just a bit each time as they are the most technical and potentially lethal if you get it wrong and leave the rest as we have been and see how that works.