Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Urban Krav and the Military Police

Greetings all

You will have seen on our website some pictures of the training we did with the Military Police (some more here) building on the self defence techniques that they are already taught and use against belligerent squaddies.

Well I am delighted to let you know that 2 have applied for our next instructors course and with their background knowledge and practical application, have been accepted for the November intake at the The London Fight Factory.

I look forward to meeting up with the guys and having a roll round the mats with them!
Some kind comments from the training day with the MP's
......"as a female in the armed forces, and particularly the RMP, I deal quite regularly with male soldiers. Sometimes, during the course of duty individuals can become quite aggressive. We are taught CQC with Aikido style grips, holds and take downs, and how to take control physically of various situations but being familiarised with Urban Krav Maga was extremely insightful. The moves are extremely easy and seem natural and it was a really good work out too..." Female SNCO Royal Military Police

..." I have a fair amount of martial arts experience and have boxed for many years. I was surprised firstly how simple the moves are with Urban Krav Maga and that they have great effect once executed. Secondly, the instructor was extremely professional and helpful which inspires you to work hard and take everything on board. It certainly is a system that could be utilised to great effect during close protection work and when dealing with aggressive "pumped up" individuals, particularly in hostile environments / theatres ..." Male SNCO British Army

Don't forget change of venue for tonight is my gym "The O-Zone" !! with a presentation followed by some "light" training.

Until later

Train Hard.....Fight Easy

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