Wednesday, 22 October 2008

We're Going to Need A Bigger Boat!

Wow guys,

A great class thank you, everyone worked extremely hard and the beginners did a Sterling effort in the pressure test at the end (and indeed throughout all the class).

Might have to look at doing some other days at this rate, maybe a Saturday morning!

For the newbies, will try and spend some more time next week going over the principles of UKM in a bit more depth and the role of FAT (Fitness Aggression and Technique) in what we do and why we train like we do.

Hope you don't all ache too much tomorrow and hey you've got a week to get over it!

Forgot to mention in the class, but hopefully before Xmas we will have the use of some Buses up in London and we can do a class in one of those one weekend in a very realistic setting.

Take care and thank you once again for making this a great class.

Till next time

Train Hard............Fight Easy


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