Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Corporate Self Defence.

UKM continues its march to global dominance (well nearly) as we have recently been engaged by Goldman Sachs and UBS to provide training to their staff.

It is good to see these large organisations taking an active concern in the protection of their staff and I can see a time in this increasing litigious world where a company could be taken to task (and therefore court) if it has not made such a service available to its staff whilst expecting them to work late or in areas where they could be exposed to danger.

There is a good link to our thoughts on personal safety and what you can do to help yourself on my main site site so in the absence of your company kindly paying for our services, it is worth taking the time to look at this, as even without the ability to always physically defend your self the tips contained in there could just make the difference.

If any one does want to know what we can cover in these corporate courses and prices etc please do get in touch and I will happily discuss matters.

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