Monday, 11 January 2010

Bulletman. F.A.S.T training

Dear All

Barring another dump (from the sky not from me!) hope to be back training this week.

I have also been able to arrange some training against the Bulletmen if you might be interested with the F.A.S.T team.

The enables us to expand a bit further on reality training than we can do in normal classes without killing someone!

They will come down to us with 3 instructors, two who will be dressed as the legendary Bulletman, enabling you to practice techniques full power, and full contact against them.

The course will be 4.5 hours and cost £60- to make this worthwhile we need 20 of us, and you can bring along non members.

F.A.S.T. courses offer training in skills such as
assertive behaviour
target hardening (how to not look like a victim)
situation control
control of your personal space
using your voice
simple, effective defence techniques that work.

All training is done in an adrenaline environment so you learn not to freeze and panic when you need it. It will feel very real.

How you react to a situation can mean the difference between success and failure, life or death. The F.A.S.T courses will show you how your body reacts under severe, adrenaline fuelled encounters and then how to turn that reaction into a positive outcome. The defences are practiced full-on against the padded ‘Bulletmen’.

Some comments from people who have been on these courses and if you want to see some of this being used, see you tube.

“All of the members of the Royal Marine Police had nothing but praise for both the system and the instructors who displayed a professional approach which was aimed at a good level. From the feedback received, I can say that the afternoon was a resounding success.
D.H – Royal Marines Police Training

“The people you portray during your courses are scarily accurate. I see people like this every day in my job.”
N.C. – Gravesend Council

“I would recommend the F.A.S.T. Defence method to anyone working in the security industry or dealing with the public on a daily basis, and that includes a mother walking her baby. ”
T.R – Plymouth Pavilion Security Manager

“Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the course on Saturday. I found it a really supportive environment and I certainly learnt a lot! I am amazed at how you all make the scenarios so realistic and recognisable.”Dr. K. A. - Malvern

Please do email me if you/your family/Friends etc would be interested in attending and then I will book and arrange a weekend that works for all.

Train Hard........Fight Easy

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