Friday, 15 July 2011

Spicer Fight Update

A great first fight for Spicer. Very proud despite a loss. Started off beautifully and exactly to plan, with some great head shots, knees and a chance for an early submission with a good guillotine that he just could not quite get sunk in. For my money he was well ahead, relaxed and causing the guy some real damage with low kicks.

Unfortunately he made one mistake and gave the guy a chance to get his back against the fence and a rear naked choke was set in and game over.

However I was greatly impressed with how Spicer kept his focus as we had a few issues outside of the fight. Firstly he nearly failed the medical with a recorded heart murmur and I quickly had to disabuse the doc that there was any issue, then we find out our semi pro is now pro and the rounds are now 5 minutes and not 3 and elbows allowed, then we get into the ring only to have to wait for 5 minutes as the opponent cant find his gum shield, rather than do a no contest we agree to come back further down the bill- exit the cage, get halfway back to the dressing room and the gum shield is found, so we run back in and get them to agree to start the fight.

Hope to have a video shortly so you guys can see it, but Spicer can walk tall and a good future fighting awaits.

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