Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Results from the Buses

Thanks to Chris, Steve, Juan, John & Dean for putting in a great display on the buses, well done guys, McGill is always impressed with the commitment and aggression you show in the training and in the pressure tests.

Will post some video of the day hopefully soon.

Had a good endorsement from the CEO of the Master Sken academy who turned up and loved it.

Just a quick note to say how Fui Mee, Lee Ann and I enjoyed your 'Fighting on Buses' workshop on Sunday. It was superbly practical and clearly proved why so many techniques that look good are of little value in real life close encounters of the wrong kind!

We look forward to attending more of these. Please convey our thanks also to your great team of instructors.
Very best regards.
Swee Lip Quek
CEO, Master Sken Academy

For those of you who don't know, Master Sken is an awesome Muay Thai fighter and teacher very well known in the business, see his website here:


See you all on Wednesday.

Train Hard..............Fight Easy


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